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What sets California Gold apart?

What sets California Gold apart from our competition? In a word, it's our experience. More specifically, it is our team's diverse skill set that has been forged into a comprehensive unit in order to deliver a full complement of expertise across the entire spectrum of the real estate development process. This versatility and integration of talent enables California Gold to provide the convenience of a ‘one stop' approach to servicing our client's needs.

California Gold's leadership team is comprised of a variety of real estate professionals. The partners come from diverse backgrounds that include real estate brokerage, finance, engineering, and construction management. The principals work closely together and understand the complete business cycle. Having worked on almost every type of commercial development, this team has demonstrated its aptitude to deliver on a diverse spectrum of projects. This work has included unique sectors such as ski resort and hospitality development, skilled nursing facilities as administered through the California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD), and even a stadium movie theater. No challenge, no matter how exceptional, is beyond our teams capabilities. More importantly, when you work with us, you're bringing our ownership team to your management team.

In contrast to others, the conventional process requires a project proponent to secure individual services to accomplish their objective. Often times this creates a very fragmented path toward the goal or compels professionals to work outside their core competencies. How many times has an owner had to ‘value engineer' a design with a contractor after spending tens of thousands of dollars on architects and engineers in order to make it work within their defined budget? In today's ever increasingly complicated regulatory environment, would you want to hire a land use attorney or design professional to secure your entitlements when you could have a specialist in this area on your team? If you are an investor, how can you be certain that the lease rate you are negotiating at the beginning of the process will be adequate to meet your financial objectives once the project has been completed?

Unless you have a qualified team of real estate brokers, attorneys, developers, design professionals, contractors, financial analysts, and property managers already on your team, you'll want the experience and convenience of a 'one stop' solution. Equally important as the value associated with coordinating an effort such as this is the value of optimizing the efficiency of deploying these resources effectively at the commencement of any venture. With California Gold, you won't have to ‘value engineer' the project later because our construction expertise will ensure the value is designed into the job going in. Similarly, investors know what to expect at a project's completion because they know who will take them there from the beginning. Having the knowledge of how each aspect of the development process affects cost is how California Gold adds value every step of the way.

From property acquisition, to securing governmental entitlements and financing, to full-development and construction services, to property management, our knowledgeable team is able to provide experienced leadership from project concept, to lease negotiations, through the delivery of the finished product. Moreover, with experience building Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified projects, California Gold continues to demonstrate its commitment to upholding the highest in green building standards. In today's highly competitive environment, it is simply not enough to deliver a quality project on time and within budget. To set our services apart from others, California Gold has a demonstrated an extensive, successful history of maximizing the return on investment to all of its stakeholders. This core mission of California Gold Development Corporation is best summarized through its expressed commitment to "Building Tomorrow's Value Today".
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